Time for AMENA Network Action


As the 2024 Election cycle is ramping up, the AMENA Network of Arab and South Asian lawyers (pictured there) has grown to cover 15 states and DC, and made significant inroads in 7 additional states.   Thousands of you have also joined the AMENA Network here on LinkedIn.

A healthy democracy in the United States – based on the Rule of Law and preserved by robust voting rights – is essential for the continued safety and prosperity of our Arab and South Asian communities across America.

Before the 2020 Election, the AMENA Network mustered attorneys throughout the upper Midwest to coordinate with local voter protection campaigns to safeguard our voters from the racist and xenophobic “poll watchers” recruited openly and dispatched to harass and intimate AMENA voters. The voter suppression antics have only intensified. So, for 2024, we plan to expand those efforts throughout the AMENA Network area, which now includes all of the “battleground” states.

Please visit www.amenalaw.org to donate and/or to let us know if (a) you are already involved with a voter registration or voter protection organization in your community or (b) you want to help one in your area.

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