areas of focus

The AMENA Civil Rights Center will provide legal services across several units, which will roll out as they are funded:
Civil Liberties

The Constitution operates as a limitation on government power. When a private sector employer refuses to hire or promote an AMENA Community member, there is a violation of a protective statute, e.g., the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Discrimination Unit

It is well-settled and well-known that state and federal statutes and regulations prohibit using gender, religion or national origin to deny anyone an interview, a job, a promotion or the renewal of their employment agreement.  Nonetheless, it continues to happen.  The Education and Employment Discrimination unit of AMENA Law Center will be here to help.

Non-Profit Organizations Unit

With the surge in bigotry and xenophobic activity, the grass roots organizations in the AMENA community are stretched to their courageous limits. The nonprofits are the front line, and the AMENA Civil Rights Center will support them with the resources to help form and properly operate tax-exempt entities.

Immigration and Refugee Unit

Actions in support of immigrants and refugees are critical to counteract the racist and xenophobic initiatives across the nation. This Unit will initially rely on the time and talent commitments of Partner Firms, and will launch when AMENA concludes a strategic relationship to co-locate specialists from established organizations

Welcome to AMENA Civil Rights Center


Our mission is to provide high quality legal and educational services to individuals and organizations in the AMENA community which are affordable and responsive to the challenges facing the community. On that platform, the AMENA Civil Rights Center will develop and maintain the readiness to vigorously pursue constitutional and civil rights litigation in the public interest.